Perfect for those with an eye for rarity and a heart for history. Every treasure you behold is not just 'one in a million' but truly 'one of a kind'. What started as a passionate hobby in 1994 from the garage of their family home, the pieces in their collections have been carefully curated during their travels through out  North America, and Europe. From quaint villages to bustling city brocantes, Rose Victoria has spent the last 25 years seeking hidden gems that evoke a sense of wonder and create a connection to the past, making them one of the most sought after buyers in the industry today.

Travel through time as you behold artifacts that span from the majestic 16th century to the dynamic late 20th century. Each piece narrates a story, a fragment of history, encapsulated in its form. From the ornate designs of the Renaissance to the modernist flair of the 20th century, the collection promises a diverse tapestry of eras and aesthetics. 

Dive in and become a custodian of some of history's most cherished moments 🥂